Basic mapping function

Hi All

Just been going around in circles and finally admitting i need help. In essence what i thought would be an easy task has got me in a pickle. I am trying to achieve in its most basic form AOG, Ardusimple f9P Arduino nano and either indicator switches (NO) or maybe a better style to activate a manual section and to mark on the screen. No additional work switch or steer switch activation needed. Either in this case fertiliser is coming out and has activated the switch for that section or its not and can visually see on the screen. Has anyone created similar project? I have learnt basic coding for digital read of the switch but can’t write code to talk to AOG and i think that has been my biggest hurdle and trying to decipher from other projects has sent me in a spin.
Appreciate any help.


How are you connecting the modules to AOG?
The steer code on the nano should work by default. Pin 7 is the work switch.

Perhaps try one more circle😉, making a field with a closed boundary. Auto mapping turn off when not inside a field.
Edit: note that switches/relays should just connect pin to GND

I’m not looking for AOG to control my sections. I’m looking for it to display the feedback from my implement. I will provide an example. I have 3 shutes (So i will put a switch in the output shute) on my fertliser bin and have external controls. Say I run out of fertiliser in one shute before the others my contact switch will open and i would see on the screen one of the three sections turn red and know where i have run out so i can come back to the paddock and resume once i refilled. In this case i’m looking for actual product coming out to mark my 3 sections on the screen not looking to control the bin. I will not be autosteering for this application either.

as was already noted pin 7 of nano to ground will turn mapping on or off . No coding required. Just load correct firmware to nano and set it up so your switches open or close contact of pin 7 to ground. It wont show the 3 separate sections but all sections will go off when one bin is empty