Best place to get rtk products in Canada

From what I can see a lot of people are using the ublox f9p for setting up rtk. Just wondered if there was any place people have found to obtain the f9p and survey grade antennas in Canada, I see stuff in Europe and China, but would rather get something closer to home if possible assuming not a massive increase in price


The ublox co-99-F9P evaluation board direct from Ublox

But afaik Ardusimple will also ship around the world in a few days! sells the sparkfun rtk2 board for about $300 cad with free shipping. They also sell the ublox magnetic antenna. The sparkfun board is 3.3v only so if you work with an Arduino it’s something to be aware of (esp32 perfect match though). The sparkfun board requires an sma pigtail but those can be got off Amazon quite cheaply.

One advantage the sparkfun board has over the ardusimple is that it exposes the i2c bus which can be used to configure the f9p from a sketch running on the esp32.