Best source for f9p board?

I had posted yesterday asking if anyone had any PCB designs for the f9p IC, but it now looks like that should have been something I started working on at the start of the winter season.

With the adrusimple starter kit now sitting at £250 delivered to UK, I was wondering what boards people on here have been trying or found,

Anyone been trying the AliExpress or beitian boards with success?

Usually buy direct from Ardusimple, with your EOIR number the vat is deferred to your next vat return.

I would just get on and get it fitted, you will soon save hundreds of pounds on fuel, time and inputs.

This is what I am leaning towards but the whole purpose of AOG it to keep it inexpensive and make accurate GPS available to more people.

At £250 for a receiver on its own and another few hundred for a decent tablet we are very fast approaching the cost of low end commercial units.

Surely it will benefit the community as a whole to keep searching for alternatives to ardusiple, as I’m sure they know this and it’s how they can get away with charging such extortionate prices. And they will just continue to raise price so long as there is demand.

Plenty in this topic about an alternative

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Exactly ,competition will keep prices in check…

Sparkfun also do an F9P board.

Yes @del_boy the UM982 is a worthy alternative and the soon to be released All In One v4.4 Standard board will have greatly improved UM982 support.

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Hey thanks for the info on the um982.

The sparkfun is just as expensive!! Lol

I went ahead and purchased the ardusimple but it ended up at £300!!! Robbing *****! Won’t be buying from them again, you live and learn.

The UM982 is a dual receiver. It is equivalent to 2 F9P’s. So if one paid the same price for it and an F9P it would be less than buying 2 F9P’s for a dual setup.

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