Big Delay

Hi everybody,

im new here and english was not my favorit lesson at school. Sry!

I have a problem and i hope someone help me, thx.

My Settings:
Trekstore Wintron 10.1
Win10 32Bit
Adrusimple with Ublox Antenna
AgOpenGPS 5.1.4
USB Connected

My Problem:
I have a delay between my driveway and that was my System shows me.
Its about more than a Minute.
The position looks correct.

How could that? what do I do wrong?

@littlefarmer Do you have the same Baud rate in Windows device management as in AOG for F9P and is F9P set up to 10 Hz and only NMEA on USB


I have changed nothing and tested again. The delay is at 1 sec ±.

@pniels I try to check it. Thank you for your help.

@pniels I’ve found an difference between the Boud Rate at my COM Port in the Windows Device Manager and the Boud Rate at my GPS Port in AgOpenGPS.

I changed them to the highest Number on Ag used the same in the Device Manager.

I don’t understand what you mean about “only NMEA on USB”.
Please explain.

Uploading: OnlyNMEA.jpg…

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ah, okay. This looks like the configurationstool for the GPS Board.
Good, I search the the marked opition and change them if its wrong.

Thank you very much.