BNO/CMPS alternative ( MPU 60-9250 ?)

Hello Just a discussion

The price , the delivery and the stock of component are totally crazy in this world

I repeat other topic in 1 year BNO price are mutiply by 5-10 with out stock delivery exeed 6 month …

I see some other alternative like @buched with Witmotion
when we check we see that witmotion is equipped with MPU9250 or MPU 6050

In the web, we can see some example with balanced robot or fligt tools that they use MPU 92/6050

So why not to introduce MPU as it was done on the past with CMPS and BNO to have an alternative with a correct price now

if we dont do it now there is probably some reason ?

lest discuss…

BNO085 is really awesome, performs exactly how we would like, but unobtainable.
Possibly some more rolling off the line in September, 2 months!!!. But small amounts.

There is also the newer BNO086, which I have read about, but not seen a single one in the wild.

I m agree about the performance of BNO

but price and delivery are not good and today this kind of component is attractive to make autonomous thing like our Autosteer Car Weapon …

if it continue like this a F9P board will be cheaper

So MPU look a cheap alternative
if user use for AB line it will probably enouth for 3-5€ or 8-12€

I don’t know if it will work but i see GY 521 mpu 6050 on AZ DELIVERY (germany) ; maybe we can substitute as bno 080?

Some hère use witmotion and it Works really fine.
Have cmps14 and witmotion. My choice going to witmotion

I think those sensors are of lower quality than the 080, but if they are inside PANDA, they can do a good job, the only way to know is to buy one and do tests.

Kalmann inside give AT least , for me, minimum 50% of the final result quality. Bno or other are nothing without a good inside kalmann filter. Exemple : cmps14 or bno have 2 différent algorithme . And results are not same between this 2.