BNO055 roll, any good results?

Any good results on BNO055?

Since bno085 is nowhere to be found at the moment. I have to live with bno055.
Last year I started with bn055 and soon replaced it with bno085. Now I made a second unit and all I have is bno055.
Last year I had nothing but problems with bno055, sudden jumps on heading and really bad drifting on roll. Now I thought I solved most problems. With earlier tests this year I noticed a bit of drift on heading while moving. Now with two days of real work heading was quite good but roll was drifting while moving. Drift on roll was up to 10 degrees on about 500 m. A couple of second stop and roll went back to zero. I’m not sure was this heading vs roll drift because I changed the chip orientation, it’s now mounted kinda sideways.

Try ICM20602.