BNO085 and arduino nano for USB imu

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I have recently just built the autosteer v2 board that is in the support files. From what I gather the MMA8452 that is in the parts list is not supported in the latest versions of Agopengps. So I have managed to get hold of a BNO085 from adafruit and was wondering if anybody would know how to connect it the the v2 Autosteer board. I have also found in the support files Arduino code for the BNO085 to connect via usb using an Arduino nano and not through the autosteer board. There is also an image (attached below) showing the 4 wires from the BNO085 to Arduino. Is it a case of joining the 2 as the image suggests and uploading the code? Then going into AgIo and selecting the correct com port for the IMU.


But…if you want a better system you can build with that Bno085 one PANDA system.

That system synchronizes GPS data and IMU data for better performance



This last pic is a wiring diagram for a PANDA system.

But you can make a PCB for this, is in support folder -->PANDA Board

What is missing is the BOM list

Panda PCB (927 Bytes)

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Is there any code you have to upload to the teensy and also are there any changes to the ardusimple f9p receiver that need to be made? Or is it just plug and play of sorts?

Ino for teensy is in support folder


In a few days we launch a new PCBs all in one, maybe is better only wait a little…

This new PCB supports PANDA, dual or dual+IMU, easy futures upgrades.

Yes, I know, it’s a bit confusing, but I prefer that you have all the options on the table

Ahh yeah sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the website where this will be available please.

Sorry to keep trying to dumb it down but it makes me understand it much easier lol.

So with the board I will be able to plug my gps receiver, the teensy, and the bno085 and it will be good too go.

Its a smd PCB, you can buy it in China, , team are finishing all tests and making a documentation, in a few days we launch this new PCB

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In the meantime, if you wish to try to connect the BNO085 to PCBv2, use the header the MMA would have been in, and use some jump wires to the BNO085. From the top:

  • first/top pin on header, goes to 3V on BNO
  • SDA is second pin on header, goes to SDA on BNO
  • SCL is third pin on header, so SCL on BNO
  • GND is lowest pin on MMA header, goes to GND on BNO

So on BNO you should have 3V/GND/SCL/SDA (4 pins together) used to PCBV2, nothing else


Does the make the nano and pcb v2 obsolete? I just ordered PANDA boards the other day but if this is the one fits all solution I will wait for this to be released.

No, how many years has PCBV2 been and is it still valid? Only this new PCB will be all in one box and eliminates the USB, to use UDP connection, which is more reliable.

And as you see in this video (first 10 seconds show steerboard with UDP) all old stuff can be UDP, and work together with your PANDA-board on UDP

I guess my questions is can the new board and INO do everything that the old PCB V2 did plus PANDA (WAS, steer switch, etc). I was just wondering if I could only use one board for PANDA instead of having a PANDA/Teensy board and a PCB V2/nano board. All UDP of course. Also with PANDA if we lose the IMU do we lose GPS altogether? Or does steering fall back to just GPS fix?

If you use PANDA in PCBV2, you need a Basic PANDA PCB. With new PCB all is in same place, and only needs one PCB.

You can upgrade to UDP any old PCB, just a nano shield it’s needed.

You don’t lose IMU, PANDA is a new NMEA sentence, IMU data and GPS data are in this sentence

Ok great so with new PCB I can eliminate the need for my old V2 board. And if I have issues with BNO then the sentence is still generated just without heading and roll correction.

When will the all in one board be coming out ??

It’s out. It’s in a different thread. Type all in one pcb in search. Will be most recent posted. Good luck.