BNO085 connection to system

Hi all, I recently got a BNO085 for roll compensation on my single antenna F9P system without steer. Im thinking i shouldve read a little closer on this add on…is there any way to connect BNO to my system without a PCB? I can’t seem to find any info on this anywhere and am starting to think that i need another device to bridge the gap.

Any info appreciated!


What system? Not enough to go on here…

not much of a story to tell on system. AOG on a toughpad, F9P single antenna RTK2B. No PCB, no autosteer.

Yes, you will need a PCB to connect the BNO085 to AOG via something like an ESP32 microcontroller. I started my AOG journey this way. A small breadboard, sockets for the ESP32 and IMU and 4 wires. You will also need a USB port hub since the IMU will need a USB port. The Toughpad only has 1 USB port which I presume is already in use by the F9P. The code for the board can be found in the “misc” section of this repository. GitHub - farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards: Hardware PCB and firmware for AgOpenGPS Software


I have designed a smal PCB for F9P micro, esp32, w5500 and BNO085.
With this you can send your data to AOG via USB, Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.
The code will also work with esp32 def modul in Arduino UNO shape and the standard f9p stacked on it. Here you must be careful: you have to move some pins to get 3V3 to f9p and back. Otherwise you kill the esp32.
I’ll put all on gitgub if i have done the testing.

There is also code for a stand alone imu


hello you need an arduino nano connected in USB with the BNO connected as attached photo.
search the Github for the Support file, you will find all the schemas and files

thanks for all the replies folks! I have a spare raspberry pi3, is it doable to use that as an interface as well?

hello basic question
with an esp 32 we can use bluetooth

is there a choice to dont use it in this concept ?

AgOpenGPS is using UDP via Ethernet in the future. So if you build a new system take this way. I used Bluetooth 4 years ago. UDP has many advantages when connections looses and resumes.
But it’s open source…


thanks for quick reply

i understand

Does your pcb setup supporting panda?