Border line from tools

hello AOG team

I have a basic request to improve the bondary

When we do the boundary as initial time rear axle is consider as reference:

  • For 3 point implement and quite right line or big curve it is not matter

  • But as opposite with pull implement and small curve the border is wrong like this

Real timing video loose

Real timing video grab

An option like implement working point can do better result …

But of course if the field are made in advance it don’t take care


that would be great, but not so easy to achieve. how to know the real position of the tool. very often the tools will go as short as possible depending on the force exerted on the ground, so there is an offset from the theoretical position calculated by AOG.

The solution would be to have the real position of the tool with GPS on the tool. Ohhh but wait :thinking:, isn’t there any work on it right now for future versions? :slight_smile:


Daniel you are true !

Pull implement is really big challenge to know where they are

Probably new version with implement GPS will be the solution

I’d say field border mapping should be an independent task. It needs to be done only once if done properly.

If for some reason borders are to be recorded along with the actual field work, wouldn’t it be simplest to make use of applied area just like many commercial devices do? I’m actually not sure if AOG already does this.

But in this case if you create the boundary from the mapping (red line) and you create then a boundary curve you wouldn’t hit the border with the tool either.

it is true if you make in advance your field AOg will be use the border to do the best

I think it is not a problem for big field or person have a time

But for busy or person using in a lot of small field and often crazy border it is not good

I think if @BrianTee_Admin would like to introduce some tools management in the future he probably introduce this function in the futur…

I’m not sure what the setting is or when it was added, but was very pleasantly surprised when drilling crops this spring to find AOG created a guidance curve that didn’t just follow a set distance from the boundary and did a good job of steering the tractor off line so that the trailed drill did follow the field boundary pretty closely.

The red dashed line is the curve created 12m from the boandry, but the solid purple line is what the tractor followed. The Boundary had been previously recorded with a very different rigid mounted tool.