Boundaries location

We are using AOG for section control in the vineyard and the boundaries are controlling the relays turning the sections on and off. These are predominately 3 row sprayers, so its important that the boundaries are in the perfectly correct place so that the sections turn on exactly at the right time to prevent under/ over spraying.
I have been mapping the boundaries by dropping flags with AOG with RTK GPS, and then taking those flags and transferring to QGIS to transform them into a boundary, that is then uploaded to Google Earth and then saved from there into a .kml file. I then open the .kml as a boundary in AOG. If the block is square, i.e only four points, the boundary is very accurate and its works perfectly but when I have very complicated shapes, as the one in the picture uploaded, it puts the boundary in the wrong place. Is it possible for you to adjust the boundary creation procedure so that the boundary follows the dropped flags exactly as can be seen from the attached picture in QGIS?

Thank you very much

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Hmm, I see the issue. I’m afraid I can’t be much help in this case. That boundary in AgOpenGPS looks pretty garbled compared to what it looks like in QGIS. We might have to file this under bugs even though it’s more to do with the points required for a field boundary.