Boundary within a Boundary, Internal Obstacles

Went searching for how this would work, I am pretty sure AOG does it seems version 5 is more feature laden than expected. But I found nothing on this topic so far. Gonna just try it and see what happens.

Really liking @BrianTee_Admin 's new V5 instructional video roll out. But new users really need,

Your first field, start to finish; Boundary, Headland, and Obstacles

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ok, yes, these videos are a surprising amount of work. Especially editing the CC so it translates well instead of my poor english speaking skills lol.

Your First Field - good title name. Done with the sim so none of the setup interferes with the learning.


This whole project of yours, and your teams is a massive undertaking. You don’t really get how big, and how good it is until you actually use it. Thank you very much.

But for those like me just starting out with the program, your videos are excellent to get up to speed very quickly.


This thread is old but as a beginner it pretty much sums up my fantasy video right now. There are so many options and features in this software I would love to see start to finish how an experienced user makes it all come together.