Box for PCB

Hello, is there the possibility to upload 3 D print files in the forum? I have drawn a box and would share it if there is interest. The Kaupoi V4.1 PCB and the Dual PCB V1.3 from Benjamin fit in and there is still space for an Ethernet switch.

AGO Autosteerbox v2


Hi Leo.

It’s possible but i think it’s better to upload it to a google or one- drive solution and share the link here.


I would do it with Dropbox when I have time.

There are some Agopen parts on

Hallo, die Dateien stehen nun zum Download bereit!

I hope it works like that

So, the new files with the update of the box including a small parts list. There is also a smaller box available for download

AGO Autosteerbox v10

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