Brake switch as form of emergency autosteer disengagement

Thinking about a way of disengaging autosteer hydraulic valve without using the LS pressure transducer on the Baraki valve.

So ordinarily will use armrest mounted steer button, have a valve power isolation switch (big red button), but for emergency use, I think wiring a relay upto the foot brake switch/lights would be a good solution?

Made me also wonder, do any commercial/OEM systems do this?

I have trimble system, there is no emergency switch, Button on system with hydraulic or electric wheel

But if you grab the steering wheel it will disconnect steering on both the electric steering wheel and hydraulic valve?

I did look at a sprayer that had Trimble hydraulic valve as OEM fitment and it didn’t disconnect when you turned the steering wheel.

The only hydraulic systems that don’t disengage when you grab the wheel that I’ve ever come across were old Outback systems that steered very slowly (easy to overpower manually). Add-on Trimble valves usually have a LS pressure sensor that either Tee in or quick connect to a diagnostic port.

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On one tractor I have a proximity switch mounted by the brake pedal. It is connected to the “implement” input on the PCB

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Using diagnostic port for pressure sensor, that’s a good idea, will investigate that.

Put NO microswitch for board/valve power behind brake pedal, as you press brakes microswitch closes and no power can go to valve. Maybe 2 of them one little bit higher to soft disengage autosteer like @Larsvest, one lower to cut power to valve. This way you can use brake pedal as autosteer disengage button while tapping it. If you press it to range where tractor starts applying brakes then other switch should engage and cut power to valve. When you release it goes back to normal but you should have stopped before releasing brake pedal.

yes, if I take the wheel drive the system disconnects, I had it from 2018, and it works fine yet