Broadcasting RTCM

I am broadcasting RTCM from my own base using NTRIP via SNIP with no problems.
I have some older Trimble kit that has no modem and wondering if it’s possible to broadcast the RTK via the internet but not using NTRIP. Then use a 4g modem wired to the receiver as an external radio?
Hope this makes sense.


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Not really, you cannot broadcast your corrections all over the internet so than any 4G modem would reach it. But why not use something like this

and a serial interface, can continue using NTRIP.

Hi, Thanks for your reply.
I was trying to reduce the cost of supplying AGI4 receivers and older Trimble units without NTRIP. The OEM price for a modem is horrendous. On further investigation you can configure a Teltonica TRB142 to use NTRIP for circa £100.00 so not worth mucking about with a cheap non NTRIP modem.

Do you mean your older AGI4 does not have the internal NTRIP/radio module at all? If that is the case, any external modem would be useless. You need the internal modem to unlock RTK even if you were using an external modem for RTK corrections (unless someone has hacked it).

Hi .
It has the Topcon modem in it but they are only 2g and 2g is useless around here.

Right, any modem would then work with NTRIP.

My original point was about LTE without NTRIP, cannot see how it would work.

There is a commercial product too that can be attached directly to the AGI-4 ext connector but this too is pretty expensive.

There is no 4G/LTE internal modem from Topcon. We still have one Topcon with a 2G/3G modem. We do not have 3G any more but 2G works another year or two and then on the same boat as you are now.