Budget DIY GPS/GNSS Base Station / Receiver and NTRIP Server Client with ESP32 and UM980

I was going to cross post a pretty in depth guide on how to build a NTRIP Server using COTS hardware like a ESP32 and Unicorecomm UM980, but new members are restricted to posting 2 links.

Please check out this guide and I’d be glad to improve the article based on your discussions and post any updates here.


Is there an option to send data by radio?

Can you elaborate on this so I can better answer you?

I saw that your project is very similar to the paid version of esprtk.
It would be nice to have an opensource alternative.
Some points that would be of interest:
An alternative to changing communication ports.
An alternative for sending corrected messages via bluetooth/wifi/radio.

The ESP32-Xbee software is open source, GPL v3 license. The software has not been updated in 4 years. There are 3 year pull requests that have not been touched and 37 issues the author has not responed to. Looks like abandonware.

Bluetooth has limited range so not sure it would be a good choice for an Ntrip caster /base to send corrections to a rover.

The ESP32-Xbee software implements an AP. One can connect to this AP and obtain corrections via WiFi. The builtin Wifi antenna also has limited range. One could substitute a ESP32-WROOM-32U with external antenna connector for more range. Or a Wifi repeater like a TP-Link CPE 210 can connect to the ESP32 Wifi and repeat the Wifi several KM’s line-of-sight.

But still works nominal, um980+esp32 as wifi ntrip master is good 90$ 3band rtk base station. Add 30$ for antenna and you got budget rtk base.