Bug or feature?

I have a valve installed and a pressure sensor to cut out the steering. When the pressure limit trips the steering quits but the steering wheel on the software stays engaged. When I’m done the Uturn or what ever I have to hit the button two times. Once to turn it red and again to engage it. Is this a bug or do I have a setting wrong somewhere else.

Using the Lego version.

Do you use A0 nano input ?
I had same issue in ver 4 using imp input on PCB

imp. I’ve always wondered, impulse? imperial? Or is this input only used for hydraulic steering?
And why does it say +15 on the steer-imp-remote inputs when the battery voltage is 12 volts? I will be glad if you answer.

15 to tell it is not controlled 12 V but somewhere around13.4V battery :slight_smile:
I believe IMP vas originally Implement? but not really used as so ! Is used as input for Work switch that turn on/off painted area on screen.
Remote input, is used for reed sensor or proximity sensor at steering wheel. (Was earlier used for presure sensor too)

Pressure sensor should be connected to A0 on nano, I don´t remember at what version that changed, but think it was V5
Post Edited 31 may 22, because I remembered wrong about what Imp and Remote was used for.

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Yes I am using A0 on the Arduino. Does it work better to use the 2nd channel on the ADC?

Edit. Just saw @Larsvest last post. That is how I have it set up. Wonder why it doesn’t work…

Is the switch normally open, or normally closed?

I have had to double tap with normally closed, pressing opens the switch. About 1/3 time.

Normally Open, pressing closes the switch has been and remains flawless.

The new switch setup icons are great.

It’s not a switch it’s an 0-5v pressure transducer.

My old PCB v1 does not have A0 so I do not use any auto off system on my AOG v 5.5. Just a foot switch as steer button.
It is not posible to connect pressure switch via ads any more.

I have not tested pressure or current auto off, on my ver 5.5 systems, but your description indicates that the old ino bit for auto off , in ino is still used.

Do you use the latest version of ino?
Edit: I think latest for LEGO still is ver5 ino

Was your middle box (pressure turn sensor) green when you clicked Send+save ?
And did the box where I have 7 say: Pressure (bar)?

In the old V4 ino I know the reason for the needed two clicks to reactivate, was because turn pulses was set to 1,(meaning at least 1) so program needed the number two click to continue in the ino program. (ino pauses until you let it go on)
That ino part still looks the same to me!