Bug steering v5.6.2

Hello. I upgraded to v5.6.2 with PANDA, but since then the steering of the vehicle bugs when I back up and start forward again. The vehicle stays in reverse and I have to reset the steering. And that almost every time you reverse. In V4 with f9p it did not or very little.

V5 in general does not like backing up I am afraid, also if you make a big change in the settings menu too.

After backing up or changing a setting roll forward and tap the tractor. If its inexplicably driving strange drive forward and tap the tractor.

On big equipment have little issues because cannot back up, with smaller equipment three point turns throw V5 for a loop.

Thanks for the information. I thought I had a problem with my PANDA module. It reassures me and I will go with it. :grinning:

Increasing the detect direction speed to 2 or 3 km/h can dramatically improve the travel detection.

Thanks for the advice. I will try this setting as soon as harvest resumes.