Building a pcb v2

Hello im new here i have a kit base and rover ublox f9p im wanting to make or buy autosteer control board . I am a bit lost with all this information here it seems to lead on and on . Is it possible that some one could point me in the right direction to get a simple start ? Im a farmer in Australia. thanks

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I ordered pcb v2 from jlcpcb and my components from mouser. The bill of materials is different but similar to digikey. Some parts arent available but you can swap items which have the same specs. Where abouts in Australia? Iā€™m at Jandowae qld

Hello and thanks for reply im from Victoria a place called Birregurra. I will try and down load agopen again tomorrow as i do not have all the files i need buy the looks and will have a bit more of a look at your clip as well . thanks