Building aog

we have a project to make an AOG to work with jd displays . we are bulding our own RTK radio system for starfire, but for that we need some information about how to make an AOG for JD displays, manual would be great. if there is any code available i appreciate

What you mean by “For jd display”?

Are you talking about making AOG replace the software on the JD Starfire hardware? You would have to open up the Starfire to see what CPU is in it. If it is not an x86 CPU that can run Windows you are probably out of luck since AOG (display end) runs on Windows. There is a project to port it to Linux but I don’t think it is fully functional. The GPS / autosteer / section control piece runs on ARM Cortex (Teensy4.1 board) processors. There is also some code for ESP32 processors for these functions.

You may be able to find a single board x86 machine and monitor that would fit in the Starfire case. More of a cosmetic “working on JD Starfire” type deal. The Starfire GPS piece would need to be able to send PANDA or PAOGI messages over ethernet, USB or serial connections.

You can put together a complete AOG system with all the right hardware for far less than a Starfire system.

Good luck getting anything to work with JD over CANBUS… and if you do succeed, let us know please :slight_smile:


If Agrotronic is affliated with Rostelsmash Agrotronic, it would also be sanctioned.

Could always play Doom on your StarFire instead :wink:


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Always asking for information and shortcuts to build products for marketing. Why not start contributing and spreading the word about what you know about the John Deere rtk connection?

no secrets in my projects Jesse, all i have done has been set on agopengps. do your own research and find out