Buttons and Voltage reader from tractor hitch for Arduino Micro /Joystick

Hello guys,
I have written a small sketch for Arduino micro to simulate a keyboard. There are buttons for ‘worked area’ and ‘steering’. This sketch also reads the Voltage from the tractor signal port of the hitch position. I have implemented another button to change the behavior when reading a change of the voltage from the hitch. You can change between the options by pressing this button
Option 1: it does nothing; 2: it marks working area, 3: it switches worked area and steer

So you can easily switch off/on marking and steering when using the hitch. Furtheron it is easy to implement other functions like a relais to cut the power to the steermotor.

things I needed for this: arduino micro pro, arduino voltage sensor, amphenol plug, some cable, 3 monetary buttons, small box

I just wanted to share this, maybe someone likes to use it. If there are any questions or improvement, please ask.

Bye, John

AOGschalter.ino (2 KB)