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Hi Guys, I think it would be nice to purchase these PCB and motors etc as a package. wether directly from you guys at AGopenGPS or a private seller. Especially with pre-assembled PCB. I know there are some hurdles because not all equipment and vechiles are the same but im sure there could be a couple of basic packages made available. I am sure there are many others that would also support this idea and I think it is also a great business idea.
Giving you an idea of what Im planning, I am going to install this into our own tractors and then perhaps later sell my services if some other farmers would be interested in installing these, having to order all these components from the BOM and then import and assemble them will be strenuous to say the least. if the option to get and ship everything with a single purchase especially if pre assembled where possible, I would not hesitate and gladly pay more to save time and have the assurance that I havnt missed a component that requires another shipment to my foreign country.

Your question made me check the ortner website. It even look like he is going to make the teensy version soon.

Hi Larsvest, thank you for the link.
Unfortunately it is in another language but I’m trying to figure it out as I go. Do you know if those boards are capable of taking optional extras like the lightbars and so on?
I am quite familiar with arduino but not with AGopenGPS, and a little pressed for time before the next season so thank you very much.
If you can think of any alterantives or someone who would be able to assist me in English please let me know, it would be much apreciated.

Sometime later this summer I am planning on putting together a bunch of kits for some local guys. If you are interested I could build a couple kits and ship them out.


I haven’t been through his homepage so I don’t know what else he can deliver.
On my phone I can select my own language.
And when pressing the 3 dots I can choose any language.

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In Edge, you can click the translate button for the website.

Or, if you are on the forum, you can select the text, right click and click on Translate selection…

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All the parts and aliexpress links are available in the wiki.
Wiring harness for example:

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Hi Guy , thank you very much. I will definitely look look into that so please let me know whenever you are ready. In the meantime Ill try to translate the Ortner website as the others suggested, but please keep me in the loop I will really appreciate that.

Thanks Lasvest, I am going to try that translator out.

Thank you John, This will help a lot.

Thank Bgunics. All you guys have been a great help. Im sure ill be able to pull this off with all your assistance

Hi, I interested in buying PCB . How are you doing with that?

I have them on my website I am pretty much out but there are a few left.

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Guy1000 Will you have any extra for sale V4.1 Micro F9P All In One PCB - Ampseal or V4.1 Std F9P All In One PCB - Ampseal?

I should have a few more next week. And then I should have another shipment in a few weeks.

On a related note I do have about a half dozen sitting in an Amazon warehouse to be listed with Amazon Prime. As soon as they are done processing there should be a listing on Amazon.


W sklepie nie ma opcji zakupu STD bez f9p. Mogę u ciebie kupic STD bez f9p?

do you have any made up boards left??

I have a few standard boards left on my site

For europe you can check.