Buying a tablet in 2023

thats diffrent than the one you send me :sweat_smile:

I have 2 tablets. And on one, the battery has a ledge on the back. In the photo, the mount is just for him. I corrected it for myself. The other one is normal.

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We started to use Dell 5290 for the following reasons:

12 inches
Almost 600 nits
starting from 180 EUR 2nd hand
Has 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A some comes with a built-in SIM reader
You can find a car charger for 15-40 eur for it

It’s not rugged.

How satisfied are you with the screen’s readability in daylight on the 5290?

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Our TeeJet 7 inch system was a lot worse. Daylight no problem, direct sunlight makes it a bit harder to read. Considering the price I think it’s still a good alternative to the rugged solutions. + this you can use as an iPad in the evening :slight_smile:
So far everyone is very happy with all of them.


Is it fanless?

Anyone try one of these off shore models ?
Has UBlox m8q gps built in .

Also has blue teeth connect :joy:

They look/sound good. Too bad the 12.2" is only Celeron.

They do have a 12.2" i5
WA-TWB21_12.2 _i5_10.14.pdf (746.1 KB)

This is their reply to my inquiry.

DAP USD 1117, price has included shipping cost door to door
Key for Windows 11 Pro USD156
If you ask no GPS, it is custom spec, MOQ is 500units, price just be USD 5 less, which I do not recommend.

Hello I’m new to the forum and looking for a tablet. I found this on AliExpress can someone tell me if it is a good choice. It has a rj45, works on 12V. It is small but it’s not expensive and it’s new

Just found this amazing item on AliExpress. Check it out! RSD14,513.02 | PIPO X2S Mini PC 8 Inch 1280*800 Windows 10 OS Intel Z3735F or Celeron N4020 Quad Core HDMI-Compatible 2G/3G RAM 64G ROM Mini PC

I think you’ll find the screen and resolution too small, the CPU underpowered and the screen too dim for in a tractor.

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I would just get a used Panasonic tough pad. I think a better quality old tablet is more reliable than a new cheaper one. I use a couple fz g1s and they work good. I just got them off eBay for about 180 dollars each.