Buying a tablet in 2023

thats diffrent than the one you send me :sweat_smile:

I have 2 tablets. And on one, the battery has a ledge on the back. In the photo, the mount is just for him. I corrected it for myself. The other one is normal.

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We started to use Dell 5290 for the following reasons:

12 inches
Almost 600 nits
starting from 180 EUR 2nd hand
Has 2 USB-C and 1 USB-A some comes with a built-in SIM reader
You can find a car charger for 15-40 eur for it

It’s not rugged.

How satisfied are you with the screen’s readability in daylight on the 5290?

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Our TeeJet 7 inch system was a lot worse. Daylight no problem, direct sunlight makes it a bit harder to read. Considering the price I think it’s still a good alternative to the rugged solutions. + this you can use as an iPad in the evening :slight_smile:
So far everyone is very happy with all of them.

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Is it fanless?