Buying a tablet in 2023


i used my dell venue for a while on AOG but it has broken down… and i need so many extra supplies with this tablet that my AIO is no longer that all in one anymore.

so for AOG on AIO i wanted to buy a solid and good tablet that I can use without too much extra investment. what I mean by that: a tablet whit a ethernet input, a lte module so it does not need an extra router, and where charging is not too complicated. after a bit of searching these seem like pretty impossible goals.

anyone who has THE suggestion for a good tablet with this options?

Getac F110 G3 is good.
Good pricing on ebay.
Only 1366 x 768 resolution, but i think G4 is to expensive today.

Maybe I buy G4 later (to a reduced price) if I need full HD resolution.

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Panasonic FZ-G1?

Is an lte module cellular?

Comms interfaces are swapable so watch the spec when buying if you do.

A reasonably popular choice for AOG.

@Exentler After 2 different tablets over 3 years I bought a Panasonic FZ-G1. Very reasonable on ebay. This thing is built like a brick s–t house.


I recently got a used Panasonic fz-g1 with a havis mount, both on ebay. Overheating is common in tablets mounted in tractors.

Find a seller on eBay, specify exactly what you’re looking for (lte, ethernet) and he will make sure you get it. They sell hundreds of them coming out of EMS vehicles

What kind of mount is everyone using for their fzg1?

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This mount normally holds such a tablet. A friend installed one.
fz-g1 (2).zip (34.5 КБ)

Very simple steel plate with a few nails welded to it, then ‘O’ rings to retain it. Although they cant be seen easily from the front, there is two bent bolts at the bottom that take some of the tablet weight. so it isn’t all on the ‘O’ rings.


most use pannasonic, also hear good stories about getac. I myself use a 2nd hand patched surface 4 pro and am satisfied with it so far. nice bright screen when the sun is slanting. usb to rj45 adapter works well. and had no problems so far. and yes is not a robust waterproof tablet. but it works as long as it works

This is what we use. Rather bulky, but easy to remove tablet. The USB/Ethernet/charge cords all plug into the mount, and connect to the tablet through the contacts on the bottom of the tablet

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I also have the havis mount with a ram Mount holding it to the tractor

I ended up with a Getac f110 off ebay for $120 CAD. Seems to work pretty good. The dock would be a good thing to have as the tablet alone only has one usb. I don’t understand why they made the batteries 12v but it takes 19v to power it up. At the moment I am running a cheap inverter in the cigarette lighter socket with the 110v power supply. It works but there are so many wires in there I am afraid of hanging myself.

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yeah thats my conserne to, would like to have one straight wire to the tablet. i boucht a FZ-G1 witch ethernet and lte modum. which power supply are you working with?

My F110 didn’t come with a power supply so I bought a cheap 19v laptop one from Amazon. I also bought a boost power supply from Amazon to use in the future to go from 12v up to 19v.

bought a FZ-G1 with LTE and ethernet. My tablet came with a back strap that was screwed on the back of the tablet, does anyone know if there is a design for a mount that screws to the back of the tablet like this?


fz-g1 (2).zip (34.5 КБ)This is a mount for this tablet.

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Hello! I also need a new tablet, because my old one got broken. So my questions would be on how many cores AGOpen and AGIO are running, and what the minimum limit of CPU GHz should be? Thanks!

do you have a photo of the mount?