C099-F9P and Agopengps

congratulations for the excellent work on the software and the forum.
I bought the C099-F9P kit to assemble my first sat guide.
The C099-F9P works very well, I can get the RTK fix with the free regional service via internet, both from u-center with the integrated client, and with the bluetooth connection from mobile with Lefebure ntrip client with the help of this fantastic forum .
But I would like to configure the C099-F9P, if it is possible, without USB connection, only by bluetooth, so that I can keep the windows tablet separate from the GPS. Basically the tablet (connected to the internet) connected via bluetooth to the GPS.
A step by step guide would be very useful, there is a lot of information but often confusing.
Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Do you have this guide, maybe it can even be found in italian?
Chapter 6.4
I have been thinking about this as well.
Maybe you should use U-center program to act as UDP wifi connector and to receive your free regional ntrip signal.
And then connect same laptop to C099 by bluetooth (transferring the RTK corrected signal to AOG)

Or if possible to set C099 to same IP and port 8888 as other modules in AOG, then it could work with AOG in UDP mode and then use AOG/Agio ntrip

At the moment I still just use my C099 in usb mode.

Hi, if the Bluetooth is on and work with Lefebure it should work with windows tablet. I’m don’t remember exactly how I did but something like :

  • go to windows bluetooth setting
  • scan bluetooth
  • paire with c099
  • you should have new bluetooth com port like USB connection.
  • on ucenter or aog select this com port

after several tests I succeeded …
I configured the c099-f9p via u-center at 8 hz, enabled the bluetooth connection and saved the configuration.
Now when I feed the c099-f9p, from the tablet(connect to internet) I open agopengps which automatically connects and transmits the correction.
It seems that everything works !!!
In the latest versions of agopengps available even if I see the com port and I connect I do not receive GPS data !!!
If I use version 5.1 everything works …
Can anyone help me understand where the problem is?
thank you

Good morning
with a little patience and reading various posts I reached my goal !!
Connect the C099-F9P to the Tablet via blootooth and everything works, even the problem of agopengps version 5.2.2 solved.
All NEMEA messages must be disabled from u-center: except nemea GxGGA, and nemea GxVTG.
u-center> view> configuration view> (item) MSG (messages) scroll the items and deselect all the boxes and at each item press the send button at the bottom left.
To store all select CFG (configuration) and with the control key pressed select all the items in the device window (0-BBR, 1-FLASH, 2-I2C-EEPROM, 4-SPI-FLASH), then send button.
With this procedure I can communicate via bluetooth and everything works correctly!
I hope I was helpful !!!


Helpfull indeed :slight_smile:
With your procedure I also got the VTG over bluetooth only. (Using AOG Ntrip to get FIX at 10 HZ)
My problem was that VTG was only selected for USB.

Using one computer to connect U-center to C099 via USB (and power C099), it is possible to watch results in AOG simultaneously on another one connected via Bluetooth.

Example: If you change the number from 1to 10 (milliseconds?) for GGA, you see RTK fix speed slowly drops to 1 Hz!

Hello: Are you saying here you were able to run everything from a single internet-connected tablet?? That is, send the RTK correction info from the Lefebure NTRIP Client via bluetooth to the C099-F9P which is acting as a rover and then returning the resulting location information via bluetooth back to the tablet so the rover can be used as an external GNSS to inform either mapping software or Agopengps also running on the tablet?. I can do one or the other successfully but not both.

forgive me, time passes and I don’t remember, I have done various experiments, but now I managed to make it work stably with the C099-F9P connected via bluetooth to the windows tablet, the tablet has internet connection with SIM (or via WIFI). The tablet provides the correction and receives the GPS data simultaneously via bluetooth. I am satisfied like this, I do not need cables for the gps (excluding the one for the power supply)

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Thanks for the reply. So It sounds like it is possible. What app are you using to view the received GPS data on your tablet? I was testing with Mapit It connects to externalGPS briefly (5 secs or so) and then drops (See screen captures attached. Is there some setting I could try to adjust using u-center to avoid a conflict or something?

Also, once I open the MAPit software to receive the external GNSS signal from the ROVER, the Lefebure app displays the following msg (see screen capture) Any thoughts on how to adjust? Thanks.

forgive the confusion, i always talk about agopengps running on windows tablet. Agopengps provides the data for the correction and at the same time receives the correct data from the GPS via bluetooth. I have done various experiments with various applications and I was able to provide and receive the RTK fix both with Lefebure and with u-center, just configure the parameters well …

Most likely you need to configure Android to let NTRIP Client run in the background and disable battery optimization for this app.

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Thanks all. With some help from your responses and a video posted by Skyhorse I was able to figure out that my problem was not setting GPS mock locations “on” in receiver settings section of Lefebure NTRIP client. Had to go into “developer” section of my tablet to enable this. This results in the internal GPS of the tablet receiving the location info from the rover. So I don’t get conflict now. Works in MAPit at least. Next - can I get the same corrected signal to feed AgopenGPS and thus guide my tractor? The weekend’s challenge.