C099-F9P version kit

Hello, are there any differences regarding the various versions of the UBLOX C099-F9P board that are on the market?
I would like to take one for a satellite guide, possibly later add it to a second one to improve reception …
thank you

If the chip is a F9P on all the boards then usually the only differences are interfacing options like XBee, USB connections, extra wifi/bt or Arduino footprint.

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I use it, work good and cheaper than ardusimple. And there is a Bluetooth on it.

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How much is it and where is it available from? U-blox has Mouser and Digi-key as distributors but neither one seems to have the C099-F9P available?

EDIT: found it, 220€ from Mouser, 172€ from Ardusimple?

Digikey.fr 209,28 euros, for all the kit, antenna is in the kit, free shipping. I’ve got tree of them, one in single, and two for dual antenna (MTZ code).
Ardusimple + antenna is 211 euros and 17,50 euros for shipping (last year shipping was more than that).

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3 available

Agreed, this one looks attractive. If I got the Mouser offer right, their price is ridiculous (excluding antenna but free shipping).