Calculating ideal AB lines

Is there a way to calculate ideal AB lines for different fields in AOG? I know you can select lines manually from field borders but sometimes fields are really off shaped and it is hard to know the best driving lines.

For example for fields like this this kind of feature would be really good.

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That would be cool if everything is flat. But it would also need to figure out safest direction with elevation. Choose direction to minimize erosion, and control runoff. There are a ton of factors to choosing best line depending on crop/soil type.

Instead of calculating ideal lines it might be easier to have an option to visualize all lines possible within the boundary instead of just 5 (is there a setting already to show more?)

With the existing way of aiming the ab line it would also be cool to see the implement width halo on the centre line for easier squaring off outside rounds.

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The idea is smart

of course there is a lot of parameter that can influence the way to do it

Like a 3d printing slicer or 3d CNC we can give an idea of the optimise the task

so today no tomorow probably …