Calibrated Survey GNSS antenna

Hi a month ago I bought Calibrated Survey GNSS Multiband antenna (IP67) to replace the An as I wanted to use centipede it worked for a few weeks then went on holiday got back yesterday and the antenna isn’t working anymore I have checked the wires and put back the An antenna and it works fine so it isn’t the base station or the wiring but just surprised that a 170 pounds antenna would break so quickly . Has anyone have had any problems with this antenna??

mine works fine for over 1 year.
It’s only electric device. Use Your waranty and send it back

I am curious how one moves and mounts a 170 Lbs (77 kg) antenna? What brand is it?

I believe it is in pounds the currency and not pounds of force

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That makes more sense. I have seen some big choke ring antennas but never one of that magnitude so I was curious.

I’ve been using a Beitian survey antenna for years in extreme without problems. Probably cost about the same as your survey antenna.

Oh the other hand a more expensive and less capable Trimble antenna (probably costing about 300 £) filled with water after one year and stopped working. Replaced it with another Beitian and it’s been fine ever since.