Can bus steering steer ready case

All connected up but no steering?

I think I’m right in connecting 16 to pin C on the cab pillar,17 to D
And 18 to H on the diagnostic plug,19 to J
I’ve a red tractor bottom right and believe it should be green.

Can you give the github link to this Teensy program?

If you have a red tractor it good! it’s probably compatible.
Red mean it AOG receive the correct data, You need to activate autosteer to turn it green.

Maybe it will be green if you use the steer pin?
The only CAN I used was on an AGCO and I had to move the steering wheel before I could activate the autosteer

Anyway a link to the Github teensy program is required to be able to help.

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I think you’ll want
16 - H
17 - J
18 - C
19 - D

And because the standard program is not made for this board you’ll need this modified version

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Thanks for the replies,I changed the wiring over as commonrail said,grounded the steer pin 8 and the wheels steer,all over the place but does try and follow the line.:+1:

Is there a picture anywhere with the settings I should use?
Its locking fully from one lock to the other,what do I alter to calm it down!

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Are you sure you have the correct direction of the WAS set in AOG.
Perhaps try to invert WAS, in the settings.

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Have you done the wizzard?

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