Can I do this and should do this

Hi! I’m new here. I have been reading about agopengps and it seems interresting.

At beginning I would like to put AOG to MF 7724 VT 2016 or/and Valtra T214D 2017.

Valtra is auto steer ready (socket on roof, quicke-steer and some buttons for it) so it would be nice to steer it via CAN BUS.
MF is not auto steer ready, but I was told here that it could be possible to get WAS readings from CAN BUS.

Auto steer would be great for both of these machises but in MF it would help us more. Hydraulic steering would be nicer than motor but it seem more difficult. Do you think its too hard job (hydr.steer) for beginner? Maybe start with motor steering?

I have been reading and watched a lot of youtube about this lately. Without CAN BUS it seen doable even for beginner. If I think that I can handle both of these projects in some time and buy stuff for both machises, where do you think I should start? Which is easyer?

Sorry for my english and lack of knowledge.