Can someone explain the math behind offsets and boundary tracing?

I am trying to setup a unit with an offset to trace my boundary of my field. Having a heck of a time figuring out the settings. I have made it work pretty close by using the grid lines but it isn’t making much sense as to what I am getting vs what I am putting in.

Fig 1: Implement width 1 section, 16ft (192inchs)

Fig 2: Offset of 192 Inches. (to me an offset would offset the total amount, because regardless of 1/2 hitch ect. any point on the implement would move the same amount. in this case I want my left side of my implement, next to my right tire. As you see it doesn’t work.

Fig 3: Changing to offset to something that works by trial and error. In this case 140inches ( 11.6ft)

Fig 4: Setting boundary tracer. Initial expectation of matching the offset, would seem logical to be the same.

Fig 5: trying 1/2 implement width of 8ft

Fig 6: Trial and error till I am close. 6 ft seems right

Track is set to 74 as default For 6.1ft, but even if I use that in some of the math it doesnt seem to work out. If 1/2 the tractor is 3, and we add the 6, the tracer should only be 9ft out, but as you can see its actually 16 from edge or 19 from center. so a tracer spacing of 6 doesnt add up.

EDIT: As soon as I posted and looked at the numbers again, seems like the tracer offset units remained in Meter and not in Feet, so 6M = 19.65ft, which would make sense with a 6ft track, and 16 ft implement. Same logic does not appear to work on the implement offset thought, that is obviously in inches.

145inch implement offset actually makes the closest line, but not sure how to be exact with it.
192-32(1/2 Track) is 160, but that doesnt work either.
Screenshot 2022-07-03 102925

Edit 2…
Appears the boundry tracer being in M is still only part of it, not sure why but tried Fig 1: 1/2 track of 32 inches, plus implement offset of 192 inches, should equal 224 inches for 5.6869M, it was close but as you can see not right. Not until I tweaked it (Fig 2) to 6.15M (242 inches) did it come really close. 242 inches seems like a mixed up number though.

Fig 1:

Fig 2:

Give this version a try! I have fixed many - but probably not all - bugs in contour. Having an offset beyond the tractor hasn’t worked in previous versions.

That contour map for sure seems better then it had been previously.

But the required settings as communicated above remain what is needed in that version as well.

The Boundary tracer is in meter’s, I’m pretty sure the photo of the tractor isn’t to scale so I wouldn’t trust that to set your implement offset with.

wouldn’t your implement offset be half the implement width ( 96 ) plus the distance from your hitch to the outside tire?

Yeh might be right. Will see once i get the unit hooked up and actually take all the measurements.

Yeh your right, my calculations were off.