Canbus on fendt s4

I m sorry but I have no idea how jd works . But I think there’s a topic on jd sniffing somewhere …

does anyone have the pin references for AMP 206429-1 ?


I suppose you’ll have to dig into your attachment. Info is given e. g. on page 47 for one pin. Mind that it not only depends on the gender and diameter but also on your hand tool and sometimes surface treatment.

This is for a Fendt 820 from 2010


One corresponds to page 22

  • working for someone else, I learned that it was a specific connector (camera option) and not a can-bus socket *

This is brilliant! Not sure why I didn’t see this when you posted it. Exactly what I am trying to achieve!

TBF I was very busy and don’t think I read the forum much till November ish.

I’ve been testing K-BUS control tonight. Will be invaluable triggering headland sequences for my trailing shoe tanker.


It’s not always easy to follow everyone’s progress !! It’s really cool that you don’t have wires all over the place to do this, just a CAN adapter. Very simple . I saw what you do with @CommonRail ! It’s great, I just have to swap my tractor for one with factory installed GPS ready systems, and put the PCBv2 in the trash.

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I really wanted to get onto the K-BUS and found this topic on the cera forum. Then saw it here!

Once the basic concept of how the messages work is understood, the basic stuff I’ve tried is not too hard. Just Go and End to activate my headland procedures. It will be great to get it all up and running properly. My BNO085’s are on their way so will be deciding where to put everything soon. Next is to try two can adaptors on the arduino.

I had been trying to get the arduino code onto an ESP32 to give me more processing power. Not sure whether I will need it for all the can stuff or not.

Still got a lot to learn. I want to really understand the whole CAN system so hoping @CommonRail has got more to come!

Which Fendt do you have at the moment?

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Fendt SCR 720 and Fendt 716 com3 , both no guidance ready … I’m using “arduino” Pro micro (leonardo based) + MCP2515 chineese module, seems to be enough for KBUS . Pro micro have an fdti usb . Can be useful to simulate keyboard.

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Are you using 8 Mhz?
That would be OK?

My 724 is an SCR and 716 is a Com1.

The 936 in my profile pic has been sold.

Mine are 16MHz, only because I wanted the same as @CommonRail is using. I’ve got an 8MHz one somewhere too. I think he said they would be fine too. Just alter the CAN setup accordingly. Can’t be 100% though as I’ve not tried it.

yes , that’s it . It s working for my KBUS , Like Alan said , just alter the CAN setup accordingly.

Very simple code I used to test K-BUS operation of Fendt buttons.

K-BUS_test1.ino (1.7 KB)


Its a german cerea discussion but i think its what soemone of you is looking for.

Hi Alan,
Sorry to pester you but as you have older Fendts I thought you may be able to help
I’m doing quite a bit of digging to see if I can control the steering of a Fendt 415 com3 using can bus messages. There is no auto steer and I don’t see it in the operators manual as an option.
Do you know if it is possible. I have what seen @nut has done, and would love to replicate, without having to work on the hydraulics.

Thank you

Hi Tooki, can you show more photos of the motor mechanism? What is engaging the motor?

Sorry, I don’t have more pictures, it was mainly an educational test to me, but I hadn’t designed it strong enough, it wouldn’t have lasted long at work. It was a small mg955r servo, not really the quality needed for an agricultural assembly.

Thats a shame, it looks a brilliant design!

Love to see if the concept can be strengthened.