Canbus on fendt s4

Thanks to the great work of the people on cerea forum, I would like to include isobus a aog, using the mcp2515 module. I think I need:

  • mosi and sck (D11, D12, D13 on the nano)
  • And 2 other digital pin for interrupt and chipselect on mcp
    Do you think I can use D0 and D1? or should i consider something else?
    I use pcb v2 USB, cytron.

Hello ,
I have advanced on this project, it works very well. But you can’t use nano for that. You need a real USB port, like on Leonardo or pro micro. Otherwise impossible to use keyboard.h

Thanks to @deistho for his work .


Hi all .
Does anyone have experience sending instructions to tractors? I can easily activate and deactivate 4awd / auto / lock, but using the hydraulic distributors seems more difficult, so I tried to use the big GO / END but I still have something to discover about it … has one already done it? !

here is the test of what I did for big go:
0x613 0x15 0x20 0x06 0xCA 0x00 0x01 0x00 0x00 /and it works with autolift for the try ,
0x613 0x15 0x20 0x06 0xCA 0x80 0x01 0x00 0x00

But that doesn’t stop pressing the go button, so I can’t skip anything else. I am interested in any idea.

I solved the mystery! very happy .

you just have to take into account that bit 5 is a counter, and that for the following message corresponding to the same function this bit must be +1.
pressing the button:
id0x613 data: 0x15 0x20 0x06 0xCA 0x80 0x01 0x00 0x00
release of the button:
id: 0x613 data: 0x15 0x20 0x06 0xCA 0x00 0x02 0x00 0x00

have fun with it .


just an adaptation of the machine_usb code to work with a canshield on a fendt SCR / S4.
To use the Big GO / END and small GO / END softkeys with uTurn.
Could surely be better, I’m no C expert.

Not IRL tested but works on my desktop. CAN messages have been tested in the barn … Test in field conditions in a few days.

Machine_USB_v5_0_Canbus_1Section_FendtSCR_KBUS_GOEND.ino (11.2 KB)


Field test today , after little time to set uturn setting , work very well . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Congrats and thanks for sharing the code!

Can you provide a link to the plug, you’re using to sniff the CAN?

I’m using this plug on the K-bus the code is for canshield but i’m using an arduino pro micro ( leonardo) and mcp2515 module , just adapt the code to your material . and if an good Arduino coder see my work , please improve it :wink: I m beginner .

scr and s4 can is 250k .

Thx! By the way: I’m a hardware guy and I’m always beaten by my software colleagues for my style when writing software :yum: - so no chance for improvements from my side

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it works ! very cool !
programmed sequence launched via uturn and canbus: lifting of the seeder, slowing down of the speed to allow time for the seeder to rise, acceleration for U-turn then lowering of the seeder, slowing down during descent and acceleration for sowing.


Congrats again!
Just another question concerning the plastic material you used for printing the support of the DC motor: What is it? I used PLA, and that melted down on a sunny day (even in northern Germany…) :slightly_frowning_face:

Ouch , no PLA in tractor cab !
I only use PETG or ASA for supports and nylon/carbon for gears


What do you use to improve grip for nylon? For me, paper glue works best, but sometimes it won’t hold.
Give this material a try. It is as easy to print as PLA and its durability is at the level of ABS, and in my opinion even better. It certainly won’t melt from the sun!


Paper glue and closed print .
I didn’t know that , I will try ! Thanks

But not the environment-friendly one I suppose… You’ll need one with solvent that is able to interact with the plastic material, right?

What kind of combination works well for you?

Translation error … I use painting Scotch

I use it. Works well for nylon too.
Settings for calibram:
Anycubic predator
head temperature 250
table temperature 100
speed 40
nozzle diameter 0.8
layer thickness 0.4
For this I have a chamber closed with polystyrene plates :slight_smile:

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How is the infill? 40% is enough? Thanks

how did you do that presies. own a johndeere 6r and want to perform in a similar way to how you have.

how do you connect to canbus. and how do you read the canbus code