CANBUS sniffing - for beginners

So, today I took the Meatpi sniffer to the 6718S I did, determined to hook up a joystick button for it - and succeeded. Made a video that explains the process. I’ll show how I extended Tony’s CANBUS code to work with the button for engage in another video.

But for the moment - here’s how to find the CANBUS ID for the Headland Management button on the Massey (it doesn’t have a dedicated autosteer engage button sadly). This would work for any manufacturer of course, it’s the principle we’re really seeing here.


And how to fiddle with AOG to utilise the button of your dreams…

Note: not suggesting anyone particularly gets into this - unless they’re fancying a go and like a challenge - it’s more a general how-to for anyone interested in how CANBUS works, learn more about your machine etc. Over the winter when I’ve more time, I plan to integrate all this into AOG itself.


Great work Andy

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Hi Andy would this type of CAN reader from eBay work?
I want to work out the armrest button on the Deutz to engage steering.

Apparently, CANAble isn’t supported by SavvyCAN, but I expect other apps work with it. I’d just go ahead and buy something that SavvyCAN actively supports rather than muck about.

Of course, you could use the Teensy on your AIO board instead with an SLCAN driver…

Okay thanks,any more info on how to do this would be great.

Hi Andy,I’ve put the SLCAN driver on the Teensy and savvycan on the toughpad and connected with the Ethernet cable.
It looks like it’s connected but not seeing any data.
I’m using the Can1 connector which I use for steering.
If I leave that in the steering bus connector should I expect to see anything?

What settings are you using?

I didn’t really alter the settings as wasn’t sure.
reconnected today with USB and was getting data but couldn’t see any changes with pressing armrest buttons.
Only seemed to be getting the same 4 frames even when connecting to different places.