Can't change steer setting with our reconnecting

Just got my first system up and running and I’m trying to get steering settings tuned.

In Brian’s videos I see that you can fiddle with the steering settings on the move. However when I adjust anything to do with motor speeds or WAS etc on the first two settings screens the steer icon turns purple and steering stops. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the steer module (via USB) the steering is happy and works again.

Changing peer pursuit or Stanley settings does not cause disconnect. still reading connection data from steer module in the packet columns before I do a disconnect and reconnect.

I’m I missing something that I need to activate to stop the disconnect?

My setup:
AOG 5.1.4
USB connection to steer module (nano every)
UDP connection for GPS

To answer my own problem… Its the nano every. I swopped out for a normal nano and the issue has gone.

glad you found the problem, and so quickly!