Can't connect to caster

I have a problem with RTK fix. I upgraded to Panda as antenna and IMU and switched using UDP from USB. But now I can’t connect to NTRIP caster. It looks like AOG doesn’t know that I am connected to internet.

I have Panasonic Toughpad with mobile sim that I use for internet. If I share Wifi from my phone, then connection to caster works but now with mobile network even though internet otherwise works great.

Did you switch the rtcm3 stream from usb to udp in agio ntrip settings on the second tab?

Yes and everything works when I am using my phone as a hotspot. But when I try to use Sim card that is in my Toughpad then I can’t connect to caster, get source table or confirm IP, it looks like AOG thinks I am offline even though internet works just fine in browser.

You need to allow the ports through your firewall. The computer is blocking transmission.

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I found it could be IPV6, go to settings , network status, advanced network setting, uncheck IPV6.

Go to this location, add another app if AgIO is not in the list, add AgIO to the list, once added to the list find AgIO on the list and make sure the permission check marks are both checked.

** also add AgOpenGPS to the list while you are in there.

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I managed to fix this with this guide, now I can connect to NTRIP with my tablets mobile network.

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I got the same issue with PANASONIC TOUGHPAD FZ-G1 running Win11 :

impossible to use the embedded mobile network (for RTK) with an Ethernet cable connected (UDP link).

Instead of the above suggested solution (playing with regedit), I was able to fix the problem using the free version of SPEEDIFY (limited to 2Gb per month, should be OK)