Can't connect to NTRIP 5.7.2

I enter the NTRIP info and get a invalid IP port message. I use the USA Iowa state RTK service and it requires a port of 10000. My guess is that this is the problem … If I use the default port, I can’t connect, but I don’t get the IP message. I could connect with 5.7.1

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Screenshot of your settings?

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Let’s talk about the importance of 0 (zero). If you add it to or subtract it from another number it does nothing. So it’s not important. .1 is a tenth, .10 is a tenth, so the 0 does nothing but take up space.

Now if you are traveling 100 MPH and you take a 0 away so you’re only going 10 mph you’d think it’s important because it’s gonna take a long time to get where you’re going at 10 mph.

In an IP address .10 is not the same as .1. I found my problem and I now know for sure that 0 (zero) is important to get the the web site you want.

XXX.XXX.XXX.1 - doesn’t work as well as XXX.XXX.XXX.10. :grin: