Can't open AgOpenGPS v5.7

I have AgIO v5.7 working but cant get AgOpen v5.7 to work/open. It says no file found

Have you tried redownloading?

Edit: why would you use 5.7 when V6 is out and is much better?

Yeah I tried re-downloading it. Where’s the link for v6? The latest i found was 5.7

i get v 6.2 and earlier on this page:


Yeah so i download the update from the link you shared… AgIO still shows v5.7, and it still doesn’t work.

So can you find AgOpenGPS.exe in the file where agio is?
AgIO hasn’t changed since 5.7.

Yes but it doesn’t want to open… and when i click it like 5x then finally this note pops up… but its not open anywhere.

You need to extract

Ah there you go… yeah that worked…thanks a lot

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Where can I find the manual for v6.2? Can’t find it in the downloaded files from github
Moved to video help.