Case CVX195 through Eaton Vickers(?) steering valve

So, I built my PCBv2 (without IMU, sadly, but that arrives tmrw!), and took it to my mates ready to try and fit a wheel somehow.

He tells me it is auto-steer ready as he used to have it on an old Trimble system. We pull the connectors for the solenoid apart, and my bench-psu squirts an ever-increasing voltage through it. At ~4v, it starts moving slowly, at 12v nice and fast. Well, isn’t that interesting… :wink:

Fast-forward a couple of hours… ! We ran out of time, and in my excitement, I forgot to set the vehicle dimensions in AOG, and also because that IMU was missing, I presume that’s what was causing the excessive wander the faster we moved, tho now I’ve had time to think, one of the parameters I was pushing to try and stabilise it was the look-ahead, and perhaps with a wandering cab roof, doing that is counter-productive… Anyway, will be back with Panda GPS soon, and then we’re off to try again.

What a project! :smiley: and well done to everyone involved with it !

Going to stick with USB just now, I presume Panda will still work that way?

At first I did it without imu and the same thing happened to me, I couldn’t follow a straight line. When I got the BNO08X things changed for the better.

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Perfect, very glad to hear that! :smiley: