Case Farmall 75a, 2022

Hello everyone, I’m new to all this… Starting with tractors, doing agricultural work and AGOpenGPS. I have successfully built an RTK base station with Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Rev 1.1 and F9P standard. I also installed an antenna on the tractor and I also have the F9P standard for it and it works fine for me, clean guidance. Now I would take it a step further towards autosteer. I read here that some tractors steer ready. How do I know if my tractor is one of those? I’m actually interested in what would be the simplest option for me, and also if it doesn’t cost a lot.

At a guess i wouldn’t think your tractor is steer ready but you can check by looking at the steering orbital and following the pipes and see if it goes into an electrical valve.
Other options are the phidgets motor driving cogs which is cheap and simple
The keya steering motor also driven by electric motor or full hydraulic using the baraki valve which is possibly the dearest but the best option. All depends on budget and how much work you want. All 3 systems should steer equally aswell once setup right.
Some options might depend on what pcb you have or intend buying.
Plenty of topics about everything and plenty of help for everything

Yes, I don’t think it’s ready, the best thing will probably be steering with a motor. Does anyone know if there is a universal mount for the PG45 motor from that can be printed on a 3D printer?

Motor option is cheap and proven and works well.
Personally i wouldn’t bother with a cheaper alternative Motor, trying to save a few quid on the motor you then need to alter the 3d printed cogs etc, never worth the hassle. Stick with the phidgets motor, its reliable and the printed cogs are designed for it as is the motor holder aswell and no end of help available from people who have used it.

I know, I’m constantly thinking about it, I’m just looking, if I can buy everything here in one place, then that’s ideal for me. As far as I can see, they don’t have a phidgets motor, if I take it I have to find it somewhere else and I also have to look for a 12V to 24V converter

Keep it standard and it’ll be alot easier unless you really are struggling to get parts.
You should be able to source it all yourself for less money. If you look on the wiki it tells you exactly what parts you need and also gives you links to where to buy from.
Getting the cogs 3d printed might possibly be the hardest but if you keep it standard you’ll have all the right files to start with.
You can get away without the 24v converter, the phidgets will run at 12v but i don’t think its capable of u turns at 12v

Ok, thank you very much for the advice. You are right, if I stick to the standards I will have the least problems. I have a 3D printer, so everything that needs to be printed is not a problem. I just need to collect where and what parts to order for the EU.

You can always try the known vendors.

They all known to support you in every question you have.

So feel free to check them out or find almost every anwser in this awsome community.

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I have a phidgets motor for sale and gears for steering included. Switched to hydraulic steering. If you are interested let me know.

Thank you for your answers. I’m still in the research phase and everything, if I need it I’ll get back to you.