Case IH 7110

If anyone has mounted the phidgets motor useing 3d printed gears on one of the 71 or 72 series tractors, I would appreciate a picture of how you mounted it to the colum.
I made a bracket for my kubota 9540 the other day and it worked good. went to the 7110 this morning and i am not seeing a easy way to mount the motor. the colum turns on mine all the way down to within a inch or so of the dash. But the part at the bottom will turn if I grip it and twist, dont think its a good mounting option.

Hi, I have a cool idea with the magnum mount

Please share what you have in mind

The mounting is made so that if you want to raise the handlebars higher with the electric motor, just unscrew the 3 screws slightly

That is smart.
Struggling to fit the motor holder on my new holland tsa135. Theres nothing firm enough to mount off and lots of plastic.

I like it thats about the only place I could think to mount it.

What file did you use to print the motor holder? All the ones I have seen so far have the dovetail part 90 degrees from what that one one does