Case IH quadtrac Autosteer

Just wondering if anybody has with anything like this. 2011 Case IH 550 quadtrac AFS. Im including some pictures of what appears to be a steering valve and the cable coming into the cab. Any insight would be appreciated.

Looks like the steering valve. Can you send a picture of the other end of the valve with the electric control head? I think it looks like a pves with a 4 pin deutsch connector.

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Do you know anything about putting an AOG system on a tractor like this?

i wonder if this tractor has an orbitrol valve on the wheel or if the wheel controls this valve as well?

Yes it will have an orbitrol but it will pilot operate this valve. Well that’s how I remember the challenger 4wd working and presume Case do the same.
The electronic head looks like a pves. Would need the numbers off the head to confirm. If it is pves then the standard danfoss code in aog should drive this valve. Looks like there is a pressure sensor beside the valve and this maybe for the over ride to disengage autosteer.

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Its a 157B4894.

The head is also stamped 11-32 VDC. Do i need to run 32 volt to it or is 12 volt workable

It seems like maybe i could use a box i built that has dual gps and kaupoi Eth Mod pcb

It is definitely a pves. I haven’t run one with AOG but I have seen plenty of posts here about it being done. JD also used these pves on a lot of earlier tractors.
Basically you supply battery power to one pin and the signal pin needs to be between 25% and 75% of battery power, neutral is 50% of battery.
And ground to the other pin

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