Case Maxxum 140 EP - hydraulic autosteer

Hello everyone,

my name is Boris and I am from Slovenia. Over the winter I began to get more and more interested in the autosteer of a tractor. I somehow found AgOpenGPS discourse page and starterd reading about the succesful projects so I started doing research what I need and how much will it all cost.

So after a month of research I started ordering the parts, assembling, programming and installing everything on the tractor. Now I can say with great pleasure that my autosteer build is a complete success and I am very happy with it. Here I will give you some specs of my system:

Tractor: Case Maxxum 140 EF Multicontroler (year 2014)
AOG board v4.5 standard
Dual antenna setup with 2x Ardusimple F9P
Teensy 4.1 controler
Cytron motor driver
Landrover height sensor for WAS ( RQH100030)
Baraki hydraulic valve assembly
Panasonic FZ-G1 tablet
Lots of 3D printed parts :slight_smile:

So overall I had no problems with the assembly of the system. This discourse page is really a goldmine of information and if you are able to read and understand the discussions going on here you should have no problem installing the system on your tractor.

Here are some photos of my build:

Dual anntena installation. I made a stainless steel holder. I used the holes on the top of the cabin for the installation because I didn’t want to drill the new ones. Still have to protect the cables from sun :slight_smile:


Baraki hydraulic steering valve installation under the hood close to the orbitrol.

All the electronics got the 3D printed cases and holders. On first level there is AIO 4.5 board and on top I made the power supply distribution where I added as well the relay for the whole system power ON/OFF.

For tablet and button installation I decided to make it “factory” like :slight_smile: So I have designed and printed the tablet holder which mounts on the side console where it is easy accessible and visible for the operator.


Here is my WAS installation. I wanted to put it in some “safe” space so it will not get easily damaged by mud falling of the wheels. Again I designed and 3d printed all the mounts.

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Bellow a short video of system in action:

In the end I would like to thank all the contributors on this discourse page for their posts and conrtibutions.

PS: I had to split one post into more separate, because I was not able to upload more then 1 photo per post. Sorry for that.



Really nicely done, thanks for sharing.

Open centre steering on the Maxxums?

Awesome. Now me. But i guess i don’t use Windows.

Very nice, neat installation. :+1:

Yes. It is open centre. I ordered OC 30l valve from baraki.

That tablet mount looks really nice. Is is screwed to the tablet or what holds it on?

Clean job! Did the same on some tractors, it is just awesome.

Yes. I used the corner mounts from Thingiverse. Corner Mount for Toughpad FZ-G1 by anderain_ryu - Thingiverse

Then I designed the rest of the holder by myself.


Neat installation, congratulations !