I’m currently using AOG on some of my tractors here in Sweden, and now I have got a question of building a setup for someone else. This has led me to think about CE-marking and the responsibility I have if something happens. For those of you out there in europe who have built for others or are maybe selling setups or individual components, how do you think about it?

Has someone prepared the documentation for CE-marking?

AOG is for educational purposes and use on a real machine is at your own risk and not recommended.

For AiO boards it’s the same, don’t expect the current team to work on some certification.

Eventually someone could develop a board or a valve with some certification but he would have to modify/certifie AOG too I guess.

This is a DIY project and in many countries there’s too much liability risk to sell it as complete kit.


Hi, if you want a product with the Ce certificate of conformity I could provide (under the right conditions), if you are interested on that, just let me know through a pm.