Cellular RTK to EZguide 500

While i’m not new to autosteer i am new to RTK. I’ve been doing research and am thinking i’d like to put together a basestation based off the FreeRTK guide.

What i am getting lost on is getting corrections from an android tablet to an ezguide 500, it sounds like a bluetooth to serial adapter is all thats needed?

What about to a 372 receiver and pro700?

An EZ-Guide 500 needs CMR / CMR+ type RTK corrections. It does not do RTK with any kind of RTCM. → Septentrio Mosaic X5…

A BT-serial dongle and free Lefebure NTRIP Android client is maybe the most common/economical way of getting the corrections from internet to the display.

For RTK the display / receiver must be RTK unlocked.
This is where AgOpenGPS is strong. For the price of RTK unlocks (often times for much less) one can build a whole system as the receivers used (usually UBlox F9P) do RTK without extra unlocks.
AgOpenGPS running in Windows computer has also a buildt in NTRIP client.

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Somebody had worked on sending a corrected gps signal to the ezguide instead of enabling rtk so essential not use the internal gps on the ezguide but the protocol required some effort to emulate and not sure it has been published. Personally I sold my ezguide and am full agopen now no regrets .