Changing the buttons and sounds in AgOpenGPS

I’m currently attempting to change the icons and sounds within AgOpenGPS. Can anyone tell me exactly how I can do this I have the source code and I changed some icons in the button image folder but after that what do I do do I open the project in visual studio?

Yes, in visual studio. You need to amend the resource file

So do i change the image files then open the AgOpenGPS.sln in the sourcecode folder? and then what do I do? i am using Visual Studio 2022

Figured it out thank you

then compile and package and happiness :slight_smile:

Can you tell us how did you do it?

This is not really in a few words to explain.

But mostly import images in resources rename them to what you want or replace with original name.

Then build and see if its replaced or you need to select picture from resources.