Changing the UI of AgOpenGPS

How can i safely modify the UI of AgOpenGPS without damaging the software, I downloaded AgOpenGPS sourcecode and opened the AgOpenGPS.sln with Visual Studio 2022. Is Visual Studio 2022 okay to use? also when I open it up it gives me 2 warnings

“The referenced component ‘System’ could not be found.”

“This project references NuGet package(s) that are missing on this computer. Use NuGet Package Restore to download them. For more information, see Troubleshooting NuGet Package Restore in Visual Studio | Microsoft Learn. The missing file is …\packages\Resource.Embedder.2.1.1\build\Resource.Embedder.props. AgOpenGPS C:\Users\User\Desktop\AgOpenGPS-5.7.2\SourceCode\GPS\AgOpenGPS.csproj 1172”

Can I just open up a form and start modifying it?
Also after I have modified stuff can someone please tell me step by step how I can correctly build it.

I’m so sorry I don’t know how to use Visual Studio 2022 very well.

When i open up a form it gives me a error.

You neer to build it first. Then you can alter the forms.

Here is what I did to be able to edit AOG.

  1. Download VS22 Community Edition installer.
  2. After opening the installer, be sure to check “.NET Desktop Development” when asked what components to install.
  3. Wait for download and install. It was a 2.4GB download and used 7.75GB on disk.
  4. When the installer finishes, it will ask to start a new project or clone a repo. Select clone a repo.
  5. Cut and paste the URL for the AOG repo into the dialog box, hit enter and wait for the repo to clone.
  6. After the repo is cloned, a box opens showing the outline of the AOG project.
  7. The system will ask if you want to use .NET 4.8 or download and use .NET 4.6. I updated the project to .NET 4.8.
  8. Right click on GPS and select build. Make sure the code without any changes builds correctly.
  9. Right click on AgIO and select build. Make sure the code without any changes builds correctly.
  10. Use the project outline from step 6 to navigate the forms in the project and make changes as you desire. Repeat step 6 and / or 7 after making changes.

Thank you so much for the in-depth explanation

Would you know how i could change colors in the UI when I do change colors in some places it wont change over?

I don’t know much about .Net forms. Maybe right click on a form and select properties. I would google “changing .Net form colors” or some such phrase to see what comes up.

Okay well i changed the colors and when I build it it shows the original colors but its what ever thank you for helping.

in the main form colors of controls are overwritten inside the function SwapDayNightMode()