Cheep RTK module

Im looking for a cheep rtk module compatible with agopengps whats the cheapest out there thanks

What do you mean by compatible?

Definition 1. Can be made to work. You do the work. There are no how-to’s. There are very few people that can help you, and you have to initiate contact with those people yourself. Risks: it might not work, or it might not work as well as the status quo, you won’t know because you haven’t used the status quo yourself. Rewards: you can save up to $150 per receiver. There’s some L5 band only stuff out there that is inexpensive and hasn’t been explored very thoroughly.


Definition 2: Works out of the box with how-to’s and general forum support. Same setup as everyone else. Get yourself an F9P and don’t worry about the last $100.

UM980/UM982 is somewhere in between.


AogConfigOMatic has support for Unicore’s UM982. But is it cheaper?

Yes, the UM982 is about $120USD and it is a dual antenna triple band receiver.

Two F9P’s are about $400USD. They are single antenna dual band receivers.

I found this one.