Chinese autosteer

Hello, i know it’s very oftopic, but I found something very interesting.
I found a chinese company that sells gps kits with autosteer for 2.800$
Now, i’m not sure of the quality of the product, but it looks very similar to a CHCNAV SX510 that i’ve seen a couple weeks ago, and that was 5500$, with a 400$ discount.
I’ll try and contact this dealer and get in touch with the thing
Maybe it’s 100% legit, or maybe not, idk…
Link for the site:

Looking to hear your opinions (i know it will be cheapper to use AOG, but my electronic skills are not that great as they should, and didn’t wanna pay a huge amount of money for what i should not.

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Could you imagine troubleshooting a cheap Chinese system?

Troubleshooting AOG you’ll at least have a community to ask for help.

That’s good point. I’m not quiting aog, but i found that and felt the need to tell someone:))

Its only inch accurate so I am out, lol

The biggest bonus with AOG is not what it is today but where it is going in the future. I still remember building a board thinking v4 was cool, it seems so long ago already now that PANDA has completely taken over. I think after the new steer wizard gets polished up, all AOG updates will be data features and UI usability.

AOG has finally mastered the straight line.