Claas Ares Hydraulic steering

Hello all,

For our claas ares 656 I am trying to build an Agopengps system with hydraulic steering. now I found out that our tractor has an oc steering system without LS (only P/T/L/R on the orbitol)

now I could fit a hydraulic valve that runs on the Power beyond from the back of the tractor. but because there are often machines behind it that run on power beyond, this doesn’t seem the best to me.

now I came across the following valve online
(80 l/min)
(120 l/min)

This seems to me to connect the p and the T in the resting position, and could therefore be placed in the P line to the orbitol without affecting the normal steering. is this a correct assumption?

Sincerely, Rmiedema

there are a few points which you have to consider.
If your tractor has Power beyond it should have P/T/LS. But you’re saying the Orbitrol doesn’t use LS. Is there a second hydraulic pump primary for steering?
The valves you’ve sent aren’t proportional only black and white, not precise enough. Then you need to find out if your Orbitrol is non reactive or not. If it isn’t your steering wheel will turn as soon as the valves supply pressure. You’ll also need some sort of safety to ensure safe driving on public roads. Like a steering wheel encoder, additional safety valve with road switch.

The tractor has a fixed displacment pump, with a ls module for the back hydraulics. I also suspect is has a seperate pompmodule for the steering. A few years ago the pump broke, but we still could steer the tractor

I have a few ideas for safety, the valve will be placed in a way it can be disconnected completely from the steeringhydraulics.

If i find a proportional hydraulic valve with the same configurations it may work in my situation?

The valve that connects P to T in the rest position is not suitable for steering. This requires a great deal of precision and this type of slider is not accurate enough to operate. Only the spool type that has all ports closed in the neutral position is suitable, for this you need a load sensing hydraulic system with pressure compensation. I offer a complete valve block that will work very well with this tractor and AGOPEN for the price of 600E.

I had come across your hydraulic valve on this site before, after some research it seems to me that this is one of the best options.

I still had a few questions.
-does an extra safety have to be built in next to your valve (for example a pressure relief valve?)
-is there a possibility to completely exclude the valve, for road use I would prefer it not to go through an extra valve at all
-our tractor has a sauer danfoss OSPR 125 ON orbitol (non-reaction), according to the specifications it passes 10 to 30 l/min. can your valve handle this?

Of course it will work very well. It is an orbitrol through which the oil flows freely in the neutral position. My blocks contain everything you need, you only need hydraulic hoses to connect.

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