Claas GPS Pilot - NMEA?

Hi all,
Has anyone tried to get NMEA into a Claas GPS pilot unit?
My neighbour is having trouble with his - the current antenna/receiver is GPS only and keeps losing fix when half the sky is obscured by the grain tank. I’d like to put an F9P based unit in its place.
I notice on the back of the display (it’s a CEMOS display, not a dedicated GPS unit) there is an unused DB9 connector, but there’s no mention in the software about NMEA input. The other connections are just power and CAN.
Maybe if someone knows the PGNs it would be possible to emulate the current receiver over CAN?
Should I try and feed data into the port and see what happens?

Does it have a GPS connection settings page?
Or is it like topcon where its settings are just mysterious?

If its CAN, it could be very close to nmea2000 messages.

Only way to know is sniff it @torriem and @CommonRail are good to ask.

Yes it does, but no mention of source - just some config for the receiver.
I wonder if I power the receiver up on the bench it might spit out some data by itself that I could analyse.

What receiver does it have? Trimble or hemisphere?

I wondered about feeding in NMEA into our Claas S7 screen and I asked the guy who oversees precision farming at Claas UK about it. Unfortunately he told me that it was not possible through the DB9. Apparently Claas (or whoever makes the screens) has managed to connect a 3rd party receiver up for one customer but it involved splicing connections internally and was done at the factory.

My understanding is that the screen has the receiver internally (that’s where the antenna cable connects on my system anyway) so I don’t know whether the fix data will be sent over CAN?

This is an A050 cebis mobile terminal, so it doesn’t have an integrated receiver. No coax connections to it just power and CAN
I think it’s a Hemisphere unit on the roof but I didn’t remove it for a proper look

Ah, totally different then!

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The receiver will be behind the seat and it will be some sort of nmea2000 on the steering can.

You wouldn’t happen to have a link to the specific manual for the machine?

Is there a twisted pair of wires coming off the receiver itself? If so, then it is probably using CAN of some kind. If it’s following j1939 standards, the PGNs for GPS are 65267 (GPS position) and 65256 (altitude). They are usually broadcasts at 5 or 10 Hz. See for the PGNs and how the data is formatted.